Youth Car Accident


We are so thankful to God for His protection and healing. On March 14 around 4 pm, our youth group and sponsors were on there way to snow camp when they were involved in a collision outside of Limon, CO. Several needed medical attention and a few continue to have some health issues as a result, but God’s hand was clearly on everyone considering how things could have gone.

Our youth were traveling with another youth group from Topeka. Both youth groups were travelling in two vehicles. Only one vehicle was involved in the accident, and it was totaled. The more injured ones were taken to the local hospital while a nearby church came and took the rest of the youth and sponsors to their church to relax and get fed. They later drove them the rest of the way to the camp while the two youth pastors and most injured youth stayed in Limon until their parents came to get them.

The two youth pastors joined the rest of the youth up at camp the next day and all report having a great time. The injured youth returned at different times, but all were back to their homes by Sunday night.

First Mennonite Church is so thankful to the many people who helped out during this time and for all of the prayers offered on our youth’s behalf. We are thankful for our great youth and how amazing they have been through this all. We are proud of you! And we are most thankful to God for the many blessings He poured on us through this all.

For more details, please check out the article on the accident on the Free Press Website.

Thank you words

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