Thank you Celebration

FMC has recently undergone several major projects. First, we redid our kitchen, but then had to undo some of it to replace sewer lines. And that is not even mentioning the gas leak that lead to the gas line needing to be replaced.

The amazing part is that much of the work was done by our own members. There were some amazing people who contributed time, money and much energy to getting our building back into shape. Not only did this bring the cost down, but it ended up being a lot of fun (said the lady who did not have to haul out buckets of contaminated soil!) and there was much bonding!

In order to celebrate the work and the folks who did it, an award show very similar to the Oscars was held on February 15. The video can be seen here of all the projects. And here are some pictures from the celebration:

6th graders Caleb pic Carson pic Clark accepts award cupcake table cupcakes Cute Ru Feeding kids cupcakes Glen presenting award Introducing Unruh Family Joe pic Josh having fun Judy Keith joyfully accepts kids playing 1 kids playing more cupcakes Ornery Victoria Our host for the evening Playing with Sarah's hair Playing with Sarah's hair1 sand game Sarah & Victoria pic Smiley Sarah TP game TP game1 ved velvet yum

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