Wednesday Evening Programs

We’re so excited to welcome our friends back for Wednesday evening activities after a short break. While we typically enjoy an evening meal together before the fun, the meal has been suspended until further notice due to COVID concerns.

We welcome guests and new friends! Leave a message with the church (947-5662) or email ( and a leader will reply with more information and arrange to greet you at the church!

Typically during the school year, we have children’s activities beginning at 7 p.m. Look for further information to come regarding this fall, or call the church office at 620.947.5662.

High School Youth: Youth Pastor Hank Unruh

MCC Meat Canning

FMC had a great turnout for meat canning. Photos are posted below and on our Facebook page. Put this event in your file for next November. It is a great way to participate in “meating” the needs of the world and having time to visit with other church groups in our area.

Arts & Crafts Fair 2019

A lot of work went into getting ready for the Arts & Crafts Fair again this year. FMC is fortunate to have so many willing helpers of all ages! Check out some of the snapshots from the day below.

Comforter Tops 2018

Look at these beautiful comforter tops that were displayed in our sanctuary Sunday morning! These will be completed during this year’s Comforter Blitz.

50th Build-A-Versary!

50TH BUILD-A-VERSARY: Celebration of 50 years!

Reflective Writing – Worship

We encourage you to consider being one of 50 people who will contribute reflective writing for the celebration of 50 years of our FMC Building. This will be scanned and placed on the FMC website. We invite 50 people (or more!) to submit writing of no more than 250 words. Writers should have some connection to First Mennonite Church. Writers can be alive or deceased. Contributions can be in the form of poetry, faith memories, anecdotes, or any expression you think would be meaningful in a general or specific way to our FMC family. Contributions can be turned in as hard copy, or preferably, sent electronically to the FMC Church Office with the name of the writer included. Written pieces will be posted on the FMC Website, or possibly some other kind of printed format. Thank you!

Recipes – Hospitality

Do you have a recipe that you “always” bring to carry-ins? Is there a recipe from someone in past for which a certain recipe was well known? Or, do you have a good recipe for a large group to share? Do you have ANY recipe you would like to share? J

Anyone from the FMC community is welcome to bring such recipes to the FMC office. It will be scanned and posted on the FMC website as part of our celebration of 50 years in our current building. If there is an FMC connection, please include that explanation with the recipe. Thank you!

Photos – FMC Church Office

Do you have a photo of FMC life? This is the time to send photos to the church office to add to our collection of historic photos on our FMC website. You can scan the photo yourself and send it electronically, or you can speak directly to Becky Gage about the photo. Please help us identify the photo, including your name and an explanation of the photo, including identification of people in the photo. Thank you!

Please click on the picture at the top of this post to read a letter from Pastor Susan and FMC Moderator, Doug Miller.